Family Introduction 成員介紹 - Bodegas Tarsila

Bodegas Tarsila is located in Valladolid🇪🇸, sitting next to the famous wine river Duero. It enjoys the exclusive climate and soil condition of the continental climate zone. Plus, the vineyards of Tarsila are located at an altitude of 780m⛰, they enjoy a terrior of old alluviums of gravel and limestone clays.

Therefore, combining the natural consequences with the fine work from the Tarsila family, they rise exceptional grapes🍇.

Tarsila Joven 2015 is the most original version of the Bodegas Tarsila wines. The wine is full of fine fruity cherry notes with a hint of nutmeg. It is a lively and balanced on the palate with juicy aromas of cherries🍒 and berries🫐. Perfect with sausages, cheese🧀 and tapas.

Tarsila Reserva 2011 is the top wines of Bodegas Tarsila. The wine is cherry red in colour and delivers good intense aromas with loads of black fruit comes through. It also carries some tasty undertones of tobacco🚬, cacao🍫, mineral, and balsamic backgrounds. With the 12 months in French🇫🇷 oak, the wines is powerful and fleshy in the mouth with clean, strong tannins and good acidity.

Tarsila酒莊位於Valladolid, 毗鄰西班牙🇪🇸著名產酒的河流River Duero。享受著得天獨厚的半島氣候,加上Tarsila酒莊的葡萄園皆位於海拔780米以上⛰,土壤帶有礫石和石灰石粘土的舊沖積土,使釀出的酒更具複雜性。


Tarsila Joven 2015是Tarsila莊原最經典的款式。其不曾經過入桶的過程,帶出Tarsila莊園具質素的葡萄的風味。Tarsila Joven充滿櫻桃🍒果香及帶出淡淡的肉豆蔻香氣。她是一枝活潑而平衡的酒款💃🏽。適合搭配香腸、芝士🧀、西班牙小盤🥘

至於Tarsila Reserva 2011,她是Tarsila家族引以為傲的成員之一。充滿黑色水果的香氣,配以櫻桃色的酒色,引人入勝。12個月於木桶中的醞釀使她增添朱古力🍫、煙草🚬、香醋的第三層香味。而Tarsila莊園得天獨厚的土壤更使她增加了淡淡的礦物香味。她雖優雅,但卻絲毫不軟弱💪🏻、在口中帶出的豐滿口感必定使你回味無窮😋


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